About KiAP


Quality Development in General Practice in Denmark


KiAP (Quality in General Practice) was established in 2018 to support the systematic quality development in General Practice in Denmark. GP’s were encouraged to cluster in groups of general practitioners from their local area. General practitioners would meet 2-4 times a year to discuss clinically relevant themes of their own choice, based on descriptive data from their GP practices.

A core purpose of KiAP was to support GP’s to form working alliance within groups. 98 % of all Danish general practitioners had joint a cluster by November 2019. This results in 114 clusters with a total 3,200 GP’s taking part. Since this successful establishment of clusters, the primary focus of KiAP has developed from focusing on administrative support towards making clinically relevant data available for quality assurance purposes.

KiAP has developed resources to support GP’s in working with quality improvement with regards to COPD, diabetes and conjunctivitis soon to be followed by resources focusing on wellbeing among general practitioners, antibiotics, polypharmacy amongst others.

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